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If you are looking Professional Tilers, then Abruzzo Tiling is the right company for your next small or large project.

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Brisbane's best Waterproofing team are rated by our customers. Abruzzo Waterproofing Brisbane offer a full range of professional tiling services Brisbane to Gold Coast. We have been servicing Brisbane for over 35 years. Reliable, friendly and affordable service throughout the Brisbane. Get free Waterproofing Brisbane quote now, no obligation to hire.

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Abruzzo Tiling pride themselves in being the No.1 Waterproofing Brisbane professionals offering services to residential and commercial customers. Please feel free to call us anytime, for further questions or simply if you need help. Most common questions we receive are;

  • what selection of tiles should I choose for the project?
  • do you specialise in waterproofing?
  • can you help us in advice on colour matching?
  • where to go for good quality tiles ?

How we started!

I started my tiling apprenticeship in Melbourne and was fortunate enough to work on a variety of commercial high rise projects as well as residential tiling projects. As a young apprentice in Melbourne I tiled for tier one commercial builders as well as prestige residential projects. Looking back now that I have over 35 years tiling experience, I realise as a young apprenticeship I was working for the one of the best tiling companies around.

AT ABRUZZO TILING we know the besides the quality of the tile, the planning of the project and laying the first 10 tiles to make sure all is perfectly square is extremely important. Quality tiling is what makes;

  • bathrooms
  • floors
  • wall tiling
  • outdoor areas
  • bathroom renovations

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